I have been a resident of the State of Washington all my life.  I grew up in a small community south of Seattle and went to college at the University of Washington.  I graduated with both a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering.  I met my wife while in college and we both still live in Seattle in a house near the university.

After college, I worked as an engineer at various companies around town (Linkedin).  I started work as a hardware engineer designing digital signal processing equipment for a local business.  As things go in Seattle, I soon found myself writing Windows drivers and applications to support the hardware I had designed.  For a time, I supported myself as a pure Windows programmer.

In the mid 90s I was working at a software company when I met Jon Smirl.  Our mutual love of all things technology has led to a decades long friendship.  As partners, we successfully started a business and sold that business to a large multinational corporation.

Whole house audio and automation systems has been our passion for the last several years.  We started DigiSpeaker to explore the fascinating world of audio, automation and consumer electronics. 


When I told them I was an engineer, I didn't think they'd make me drive the train! But I'm a software engineer and I have been doing it for a long time. I've worked for Intel and Microsoft plus a variety of startups. Along the way I have worked on systems as diverse as an embedded control system for grain elevators to a web browser to accounting software.

I received an MSCS from Northwestern University in distributed systems. That led to career at Intel working with early Ethernet and then onto the Microsoft Networking group. Along the way I discovered Linux. Over the years I've made many code contributions to the Linux kernel and other open source projects. 

I also have an MBA from Northwestern Kellogg so I will get involved with the marketing and finance sides of my various startups.  Everything from selling the whole company down to filling out the forms for payroll to messing with the taxes (yuck!).

Lately I have become involved with the Internet of Things. It is time to start a new company combining our expertise in hardware design, Linux and networking.  Amazing things can be achieved with these new ARM based CPUs. Things that would have cost $1000 ten years ago cost lest than $100 to build today. Designing these systems has led us to a new adventure, learning how to manufacture DigiSpeaker in China.