First DigiSpeaker Prototype

In December of 2015 we completed the design of our first integrated security system and bookshelf speaker.  The unit is roughly 200mm square with a main processing board hung on the back and a camera sensor board mounted in the front.  The case houses a pair of two inch full-range speakers and a four inch down firing woofer.  It has about a four liter volume and a five inch port with a one inch opening.  Theoretically, the case should have good response down to around sixty hertz.

The main board has a camera processor on it.  It also has two forty watt digital signal processing enabled amplifiers on it.  It is capable of being driven from an external power supply, a USB connection or an internal battery.  It has integrated wifi and ethernet.  It also has a 433MHz transceiver, microphone, light sensor, and other various sensors that provide a range of environmental measurements for the system.  

Three dimensional CAD drawings were done of the case and prepared for submission to a CNC milling factory for construction.  Also, layout files, bill of materials and assembly instructions were created in preparation for having the boards constructed.

Below are a few pictures of the first DigiSpeaker prototype.