New Case & Electrioncs

With the new architecture described in the last post we decided to try to implement a new case design that followed the concepts provided by the Industrial Designer.  We also decided to try new form factors for the new electronic design.  This was ambitious and took some time to see through to fruition.  However, the payoff is now very close.  We will have all the pieces for the second major prototype done by the end of August.  We should have a working second prototype sometime in September.

Above is a rendering of our new case design.  The image on the left is a collapsed view of the case.  The image on the right is the expanded view of the case that shows all the various pieces that make up the case constructions.  The two grills (the blue panels with the hatch pattern) will be wrapped in speaker wrap during the final construction.  All the pieces you see in this model are ready for mold making.  For the prototype, we will CNC and 3D print the pieces to verify that they all fit together.

While we were working on the case design, we also finished the schematic design and layout of the electronics.  In the case renderings you see above, the green boards are the camera board (front green board), amplifier board (top green board) and the SCO board (back green board).  The following is an image of the layout.  These boards are currently being assembled

We are on track for having a second prototype assembled by the end of August.  We will be making it fully functional in September.