Jon and I started looking at whole house automation and audio in 2008.  We both were remodeling our homes at the time and we were looking for security, automation and entertainment systems to finish the projects.  To say the least, we were underwhelmed by the offerings of the time.  They were best described as expensive, clumsy, and stale.  With the exception of Sonos, most of the systems we studied were expensive to purchase, intrusive to install and clunky to operate.  Jon and I both came from software, hardware and networking backgrounds and it was apparent to us that the systems were relics of the past.  We didn't feel these antiquated systems had any place in our new homes.

Jon is a computer scientist with an extensive software background and I am trained as an electrical engineer.  We thought, perhaps we should start a company to build whole house automation and audio system.  How hard could it be?  :)

DigiSpeaker was born.

Of course, it turns out consumer electronics is not for the faint of heart.  But, we are both persistent people so we decided to jump in with both feet.  Initially we tried building an in-ceiling networked music player.  The idea was to use wireless networking to group a set of powered speakers into a whole house audio system.  We put together various prototypes of our system and quickly discovered that we knew how to build these systems but not at a reasonable price.  However, we remained undeterred and continued to increase our knowledge of design and manufacturing.

Along the way, we invented several devices besides the in-ceiling speaker.  For instance, we also developed a light switch dimmer, a wall outlet and a wall keypad.  All three units were capable of handling normal home power and were ready UL and FCC certification.

Ultimately, we pulled the plug on our in-ceiling speaker (and accompanying devices) because we felt the entire system was simply an upgrade to the current whole house audio and automation systems.  It was not the drastic step forward that we wanted.  Also, the systems deployment was restricted to people that had homes and also had the ability to install an integrated music system.  We felt this was too narrow a vision and began casting about for a simpler solution that more people could purchase.

Initially we shied away from a consumer electronics products thinking it was a difficult proposition.  But after a much research into design and manufacturing we felt that a consumer product was well within the reach for our small company.  In the Spring of 2015, Jon began experimenting with desktop music systems and cameras.  After much study, he concluded that we could combine a security system and a music system into a single device for about the same price as either device individually.  It would be a challenge, but it was possible.

Given this insight, Jon and I concluded that people living in apartments, condos and shared housing situations would be very attracted to a simple device that allowed them to keep track of their valuables during the day and provided high quality music at night.  We felt this market is quite large but very under severed by the current products on the market.

DigiSpeaker is a security system integrated into a music system.  It is meant to be a security assistant by day and a music player by night.  It was designed for people that dwell in community spaces like apartment buildings or shared houses that don't want extensive security features and multi-zone music.  It is simple to install (just plug it in and connect it to wifi).  It provides excellent monitoring (you get emails with video whenever there is an event in your home).  It provides high quality music when you are at home.  All at an affordable price that doesn't require onerous monthly contracts.